Pharmacy Education

GMH Site for Pharmacy Education

Grant Memorial Hospital Pharmacy Department works with the three pharmacy schools within the state, Marshall University, University of Charleston and West Virginia University, to provide rotation opportunities for their students.  Students have the opportunity to spend two weeks in a hospital pharmacy after their first or second year of classes, giving them a chance to experience what it is like to work in a hospital pharmacy.  During the last year in pharmacy school, students do multiple 5-week rotations in the various pharmacy fields of practice, one of which is small rural hospitals.  

Grant Memorial provides these pharmacy students a place to apply the skills they have learned for medication education to the patients, monitoring of drug therapy, dosage adjustments, antibiotic stewardship, drug information for other healthcare providers, and preparation of medications.

The students spend time with other healthcare providers to see how pharmacy works together with them.  Students go on rounds with the physicians, medication passes with nurses and respiratory therapists, and observe surgical procedures under the supervision of the nurse anesthetist.  They attend the committee meetings with the pharmacists and see how the various hospital departments work together to provide the best possible care for the patients.