“Very fortunate to have GMH”

I have always used Grant Memorial Hospital for my health care needs, especially the ER.  My most recent experience was this year when I had an accident at home – a rock rolled against my leg.  Went to the ER, where they took x-rays and determined that I had a broken tibia.  The ER splinted my leg and I had a follow-up with Dr. Roberts, he said they did such a good job splinting that he left it as is until I was able to get to have a cast put on.  I also had an accident a few years ago where my tractor upset on me in the river and I was taken to the ER with a broken back – I was ultimately flown out but had excellent care while being stabilized.  Dr. Makani also did an emergency surgery for me when I was brought into the ER on another occasion.  I have had a lot of experience with the ER!  My mother spent close to a year in the extended care unit and they all took really good care of her.  We are very fortunate to have GMH in our community.

Carroll ‘Hap’ Kimble, Upper Tract, WV12/6/18