“Can’t imagine being without services”

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to express my appreciation to Grant Memorial Hospital, which is located in my home town of Petersburg, WV. I give immense credit to the staff in the emergency department for their expertise in saving my life. It is with sincere gratitude that I write this testimonial letter.

One evening five years ago, I was having discomfort in my shoulder area. I took two Motrin tablets to ease the pain. Within fifteen minutes of taking the tablets, I begin to feel somewhat “strange”. My face and tongue began to swell and my ability to breathe became limited. My wife immediately transported me to the emergency department at Grant Memorial Hospital. I was quickly diagnosed as having anaphylactic shock, with swelling occurring inside my body. The emergency department personnel frantically worked to keep me alert. They used 20 pounds of liquid to “flush” out the toxin that was in my body. It was, quite frankly, touch and go regarding my survival, but here I am today, living, and working and enjoying life.

The local physician commented the next day that I was very fortunate to live so close to the hospital. If I had not had immediate treatment, I would not have survived the trip to Winchester, Morgantown, or other medical facility for help…

I am living proof that Grant Memorial Hospital does what it is supposed to do in a timely and credible fashion. It does what it can with what it has the capacity to accomplish. I can’t imagine being without the services that our local hospital provides…and I betcha many other folks can offer their own testimonial.

Again, I want to thank the entire staff at Grant Memorial Hospital for their extraordinary care and service to their patients and the vital role that it has in our community.


Douglas S. Lambert