Patient Friendly Billing Procedures

Grant Memorial Hospital Implements Improved Front End Processes

Including Patient Friendly Billing Procedures


Grant Memorial Hospital (GMH)has recently implemented a formal Financial Clearance Policy that provides a detailed description of the financial clearance and collection process.  These processes will better inform the patient as to the total amount due so that account balances can be collected prior to,  at the time of treatment, or as soon as possible after services are provided.

During the pre-registration or registration process, the Hospital will perform an insurance verification as to the level of benefits and identify deductible and co-pay balances that the patient will owe the Hospital.  Since the Hospital now is able to provide a better estimate as to what the patient will owe after the insurance has paid, the Hospital expects to be paid prior to or at the time of service. 

The Hospital believes that this policy is much more “patient friendly” in that the patient will have a better understanding of what is owed.  If the estimated balance is paid in full prior to or at the time of service, the patient will receive a 25% discount at that time provided that amount owed to the Hospital is greater than $250.  The Hospital accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as personal checks.  This process is a convenience to the patient as it will lessen the need to send a subsequent statement for payment once the insurance company has processed the claim.


GMH is proud to offer pre-registration to any patient who has a scheduled procedure.  To take advantage of this service, please call 304-257-5815, Ext 2250 and ask for pre-registration.  Any of our knowledgeable patient access (registration) staff members will be glad to help you through this process.  On the day of your service/procedure you will be asked to provide the following information:

1.       Valid ID

2.       Current Insurance Cards

3.       Physician Order

4.       Payment for any identified patient responsibility

Financial Counseling

Financial counseling is available for any patient who does not have active insurance coverage, or is unable to pay the balance that is owed to GMH.  Additionally, patients who have insurance policies with high deductibles may qualify for GMH Financial Assistance.

Beginning January 1, 2015, all patients requesting financial assistance will need to apply or reapply if financial assistance had been provided before January 1, 2015.  It is required that you must have had a service/procedure in 2015 and receive a bill before you can apply for financial assistance.  All income and assets will be considered in deciding the level of financial assistance which may be provided.

Our trained financial counselors will make every effort to help in any manner possible.  If you have no insurance, they will help with the process of trying to find insurance, or see if you qualify for state assistance.  If you qualify for insurance and/or state assistance and choose not to accept coverage, you will be unable to apply for GMH Financial Assistance.

Once you receive a Financial Assistance application, you MUST do the following:

1.       Return completed application as soon as possible but no later than 120 days after the post-discharge statement was received.   Complete the Financial Information Sheet.  Some forms of acceptable proof of income are: pay stubs, unemployment stubs, alimony and/or child support payments.  Examples of liquid assets would be bank accounts, certificates of deposit or other assets that can be easily sold.

2.       Proof of U.S. Citizenship or immigration status must be provided in-order to apply for Financial Assistance.  Acceptable documents would be Driver’s License, Military ID, Birth Certificate and approved legal immigration documents.

Once all documents are completed and returned, our financial counselors will review your application.  If the applicant is approved, all active accounts will be adjusted at the approved rate.  A letter will be sent to the applicant with the amount of the approved assistance.  If your application is denied, you will receive a denial letter stating the reason why financial assistance was denied.  You may not apply for financial assistance again for six (6) months.

Balances Owed by the Patient

GMH provides services to 50,000 patients every year.  In this age of patients having high deductible health insurance plans, patients most likely will owe the Hospital for part of the bill.  Due to this high volume, the Hospital has established a Separate Department that will telephone patients about amounts owed to GMH, answer any questions that patients may have and provide other assistance to the patient so that amounts owed to GMH can be paid in a way that is as friendly as possible to both the patient and GMH.  In-order to better answer any billing questions that you may have, please call 1 (833) 851-8338.

In most cases, it will take 4 days for a patient to receive a bill once it has been sent.  A “courtesy” or friendly call will be made to the patient within 20 days after the bill has been sent.  The purpose of this call is to make sure that the patient has received the statement, and if the patient has any questions about the bill.  After this “courtesy” call is made, standard collection procedures begin.

GMH now offers the convenience of paying your bills online through our website.  Go to , and click on “Bill Pay”.  The link is on the center of the webpage toward the bottom.

Prompt Payment Discount

All patients will be entitled to a 20% discount discount on all patient balances for any wholly owned services rendered by the Hospital if payment is made in full at time of preauthorization, scheduling or point of service.

Uninsured Patients

All uninsured patients or those that have no insurance coverage at all will receive an automatic 20% discount at the time of billing.


If payment in full cannot be made at the time of service for certain outpatient procedures, a 30% deposit based upon the estimated charge will be required.

Payment Arrangements

Guidelines for payment arrangements have been revised with the new Financial Clearance Policy.  As a courtesy to our patients, if payment cannot be made in full, GMH offers short-term interest free loans to those who qualify.

Contact Information

Billing Questions 1 (833) 851-8338

Financial Assistance 304-257-1026 Ext 2161

Pre-Registration and Scheduling 304-257-1026 Ext 2250

Medication Assistance 304-257-1026 Ext 2432