Emergency Medicine

ED: Prepared for the Unexpected

Grant Memorial Hospital Emergency Department is staffed with qualified emergency physicians and medical personnel ready to provide safe and quality emergency care to our patients and family/caregiver when needed. All staff receives on-going education in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and trauma care. Realizing your visit to an emergency department may be a stressful time, family members and caregivers are included in the care as much as possible. Our commitment is to provide safe, comfortable, informed, and high quality care as well as meet patients and their family’s needs.

Our staff treats immediate health needs from minor to serious injury, illness or disease. Patients are medically screened, and appropriate care is provided to all patients who come to the department with a complaint. The number of patients in the Emergency Department and the severity of their conditions will determine the appropriate order for patients to be seen. Patients with the most serious problems are seen first.

All standard procedures and services provided include but not limited to suturing lacerations, phlebotomy, radiographic diagnostics, lab testing, EKG monitoring, pulse oximetry, and medication administration. When necessary, critically injured or seriously ill patients are treated and stabilized in the Emergency Department and then transferred by ambulance or helicopter to a more specialized facility. Many patients are admitted or observed to Special Care, Medical/Surgical or Family Maternity Units for further treatment after receiving initial treatment in the Emergency Department.

Things to Remember

  • In an Emergency Department, it is extremely important that the most acutely ill and injured are seen first.
  • The Emergency Department requires space to operate and for the staff to perform their duties. Therefore, the number of visitors in the treatment area must be kept to as few as possible.
  • Every effort is made to provide prompt care. The Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of nurses, physicians and staff who perform laboratory work and x-rays. Good health is the primary concern.
  • If conditions change, or family members have questions or concerns while in the waiting area, the triage nurse or registration staff should be notified.
  • The Emergency Department is not licensed as a pain clinic and therefore cannot function as one, nor can we be responsible for refills or lost or stolen prescriptions.