Price Transparency

Pricing Disclaimer

Charges are not a reflection of patient or provider responsibility.  Actual benefits are determined at the time of claim submission and may be different than the estimate provided here.  This estimate is not a guarantee of benefits and is based on information provided by the insurance carrier.  Patients should consult with their insurance carrier to confirm their payment responsibilities and any remaining deductible amounts.  Actual charges will be based on services you receive and the insurance benefits available at that time, according to your insurance carrier.  These estimates are for hospital charges only.  Any physician services will be billed separately.  As a result, the final bill may be greater or less than the estimate shown. 

GMH Clinic Standard Charges (Updated 1/19/2023)

GMH Price Transparency and Charges (Updated 9/16/2022)

Pricing Transparency – Pricing Estimator Instructions
When using the pricing estimator link above, you may search by the description or code.  There are 300 codes from which you may choose.  Select the code as well as your insurance company.  There may be IP or OP at the end of the insurance description, which signifies inpatient (IP) or outpatient (OP).  Once the pricing information is displayed, find the column that says Your Plan Price.  This is the negotiated rate with your insurance carrier.  The Discounted Cash Price includes a discount for those who do not have insurance.  The Min/Max Price is the minimum amount negotiated with all payors and the maximum amount negotiated, which is our price.