I have always used Grant Memorial Hospital for my health care needs, especially the ER.  My most recent experience was this year when I had an accident at home – a rock rolled against my leg.  Went to the ER, where they took x-rays and determined that I had a broken tibia.  The ER splinted my leg and I had a follow-up with Dr. Roberts, he said they did such a good job splinting that he left it as is until I was able to get to have a cast put on.  I also had an accident a few years ago where my tractor upset on me in the river and I was taken to the ER with a broken back – I was ultimately flown out but had excellent care while being stabilized.  Dr. Makani also did an emergency surgery for me when I was brought into the ER on another occasion.  I have had a lot of experience with the ER!  My mother spent close to a year in the extended care unit and they all took really good care of her.  We are very fortunate to have GMH in our community.


  • Carroll ‘Hap’ Kimble, Upper Tract, WV



I had my knee replaced at Grant Memorial Hospital in May 2018 by Dr. Roberts.  I was in there for 3 days and they took great care of me from admission to discharge!  That was not my first experience though – I believe I was one of the first patients to the GMH Emergency Room in 1960 when I was a kid and had to go for stitches – I can vividly remember that experience and how comforting the staff was, I’ve had great faith in the hospital ever since.  I was one of Dr. Makani’s first patients and had several procedures and surgeries with him.  I have always been happy with my care from the doctors and staff there – I have never had a bad word to say about any part of my stays.  I like the hospital and staff and have never thought of going anywhere else.

- Donna Hoover, Franklin, WV


I was in Grant Memorial Hospital this past January for 10 days being treated for a rare type of pneumonia.  I couldn’t have been treated any better, the nurses were wonderful to me.  Dr. Leslie and Dr. Thompson worked with me until I was able to be released.  Followed-up in Harrisonburg with a pulmonary specialist and happy to say my lungs were clear as a bell.  I’d go to GMH again in a heartbeat if I needed care for something.  It would have to be something really major for me not to be able to go there.  And something you normally don’t hear about a hospital – the food was good!  They’d even bring me a snack in the evenings and make sure I had everything I needed.  I’m also a diabetic and they took extra care in my treatment because of that.  Treated me like I was family!

- Roger Hoover, Franklin, WV 

I had my first cataract surgery done at Grant Memorial Hospital in October of this year and the second one done three weeks later.  Dr. Lemley did an excellent job, my vision was much better by the next morning and no longer needed my glasses after just the first surgery.  I was very impressed and touched that my doctor personally called me the evening of my surgery to check up on me and see how I was doing.  The staff at outpatient surgery took very good care of me.  I was asked by several people – why did you go to Grant?  And I said, ‘why wouldn’t I’?    It was convenient, closer to home and I knew the care I received would be as good or better than anywhere else I could go.  I was completely satisfied with experience and would highly recommend GMH. 

- Boyd Kimble, Franklin WV

I recently had my right knee replaced at Grant Memorial Hospital, with Dr. Roberts doing my surgery.  When asked why I was having it done at GMH, that was an easy answer - I’ve always been pleased with the service I received there and I had heard great things about Dr. Roberts.  I had my surgery on a Monday and was up doing therapy the next morning.  The hospital is close to home, why would I want to go anywhere else when I when I can get excellent care where I live and have therapy right at the same place, with the staff that I received care from right after surgery.  I have not one single complaint from my stay, everyone from the doctor to the nurses to the cleaning staff were so good to me.  I would recommend Grant Memorial Hospital to anyone!

- Judy Patch, Upper Tract, WV

‘Grant Memorial has always been my hospital of choice and always will be.  I have had numerous surgeries and procedures done there as well as my entire family.  If it’s something that Grant can’t take care of they will refer me, but I will go there first for the excellent care I’ve always received.  Dr. Hahn has replaced both of my knees and I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated each time.  The therapy and care I received while there got me on the road to recovery a lot faster.  I stayed a little longer with both surgeries so that my blood pressure and blood sugar could be closely monitored.  My husband and I have both had multiple surgeries with Dr. Makani and had absolutely no complaints.  I had cataract surgery there as well and that went great.  My Mom was a long term patient there before her passing and the staff treated her like Gold, they became like family to her.  Grant Memorial is the Best!’

Marlene Harman, Pendleton County