Department Managers

Management that cares...

Grant Memorial Hospital takes great pride in assuring that patient safety is the number one priority. Each department manager strives to ensure that all state and federal regulations and patient care standards are followed. Below you can see the list of the managers in each department and the option to contact the manager for any reason. Please understand that we try to respond to every message within a reasonable time frame, but if you feel that you still haven't received the answer you are looking for, you are encouraged to contact our customer service coordinator at (304) 257-5805 or email by clicking here.

To search for a manager, enter the name or department that you are looking for and then click on the magnifying glass to search.  The other option is to scroll down and look for the manager.

Cardiac Rehab Coordinator
Director of Respiratory Therapy
Medical / Surgical Nurse Manager
Mother Infant Care Center Nurse Manager
Emergency Department / Special Care Unit Nurse Manager
Surgical Services Nurse Manager
Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
Director of Health Information Management
Corporate Compliance Officer