Our Infusion Center is a place where patients can receive intravenous infusions, therapeutic injections, and dressing changes by safe, professional, and friendly staff - close to home. 

Our goal is to make patients comfortable while our staff provides caring and customized treatments.

The Center is located at the back of the hospital campus.  it provides care that is prescribed by the individual patient's physician.  The staff works closely with physicians to coordinate your care throughout the prescribed course of treatment.

We provide intravenous infusion for antimicrobial therapy, therapeutic injections, and dressing changes:

  • Intravenous antibiotics - antibacterials, antifungals, and antivirals
  • Fluid and electrolyte management
  • Infusions - Remicade, Tysabri, Factor VIII, Reclast, Soliris, Solumedrol
  • Iron deficiency management therapy
  • Infusion of blood products
  • Injections - Neulasta & Prolia
  • Other Services
    • Dressing Changes
    • Insertion/Change of Foley Catheter
    • Central Line and Port a Catheter Flushes
    • PICC Line Removal
    • Some Post Radiology Procedures (including paracentesis)

(Please call us at 304-257-5815, ext 2121 - many infusions and injections are available and we are able to accommodate most patients)